Back on track!

This week has been awesome! I had four nice days of rest from the mountain, went to the Scandinave Spa on Tuesday. That place is amazing! I was sitting outside in the middle of the forest in hot tubs while looking out on the beautiful mountains that is surrounding Whistler and then the night came and I could look up on the stars. It sure was a well needed relaxing night!

Wednesday I was back on the mountain riding some fresh powder, it was a awesome day. We had good luck with picking the perfect runs, which is important here because everything get so tracked up in a few hours. Our last run was Khybers (again), it is a very long tree run that doesn’t get too tracked up because it’s such a big area, I caught myself screaming as I was riding down because I was having so much fun. Next time I have to bring the Go Pro so I can catch it on video!

Yesterday we were back in the park, haven’t been there for over two weeks! I actually learned a new trick I been wanting to get, backside boardslide to switch, I’m really excited about that. I went up today as well and hiked a box just to get it from both ways, my nose and tail, it was a good day!

Now I’m off to bed, weekends are always so intense when it comes to work! No snowboarding for me but hopefully I can get some climbing done in between my shifts!


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