BCSA in Seymour

Last weekend I went down to Seymour with Andrew and Aaron to compete in the BCSA that was going on during Saturday and Sunday. This was the very first real competition I’ve been in! It was soo much fun!! Man, I was nervous. Practice started out with a lot of fog, but once the competition started the fog started to ease up which was a great relief! Day two started off really good but halfway through it started to snow heavily so they took the last run away for the girls and took the finals away from the guys which was too bad. It was still a great day and such a awesome experience!


4 thoughts on “BCSA in Seymour

    • Ja, det var jätte kul! Gick väl sådär, fyra första dagen och femma andra av fem tjejer men det är bara och lära sig 🙂 gjorde några grabbar och en 360 men inte helt cleant! Tjejerna var grymma 🙂

      • faaan de låter ju svinfett! bra motstånd 🙂 gjorde du 3:a i ett av dom där hoppen?? dom ser ju gigantiska ut!!
        grym du är då tjejen! du får filma lite snart!! kramar

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