Bouldering in Stockholm, Solna

I am back in Sweden, arrived a few days ago. My October has been awesome, sober and active! I kept my promises on all counts.

I stayed in Stockholm a few days. I met up with Hilla, my dear friend from Whistler, and we went bouldering in Solna.

The pictures of me is taken by Hilla Aspman.


Fall is here…

I have come to realize that I need to take care of this quiet time in between the seasons. It is time to find my motivation and inspiration again and to get my concentration, focus, strength and energy back. This might sound like a lot but the busy seasons really take it out on you! If it is not working it is doing some other kind of activity; snowboarding, climbing, yoga, biking, you name it! This place has too much to offer. Then you are suppose to have energy left to go out and party too. Don’t get me wrong, I love this life it. This is exactly how I want it to be, it is just that it really takes it out on you and you REALLY need that time in between when you can breath and get back on track again.  So I decided that I wanted to set some goals for October month:

I am going to stay sober (this will get my motivation back)

I will read two books (this will get my concentration and focus back)

I will exercise five times a week (this will get my strength and energy back)

I will try to go outside my “comfort-zone” any chance I can (this will get my inspiration back)

I am publishing this here just so that I can take this seriously and keep it up and I will come back with updates. Until further notice, wish me good luck!

The most beautiful place on earth!

I can’t belive it is so beautiful here, and it’s just around the corner from where I live! Here’s some pictures of the last hikes me and Cissi has been doing.

Hiking Russet lake and Rainbow lake

Rock climbing in Nordic

Some new photos that I took from the last climbing we did here in Whistler. The photos of me are taken by Linda Karlsson.

Rock climbing

Photos from today’s climbing in Cal Cheak.


The other day we went ziptreking with work and man, that was fun!! We went through about 8 ziplines down to Whistler village. One of them was twice the length of Eiffel tower and went up to 80 km/h, it was intense! In the end we all got to go up side down doing the starfish, it was crazy fun.

The Wedding

It took a while but here they are, the pictures from my sister Marie and her husband Tomas wedding. Me and a friend of Tomas was chosen to be the wedding photographers and these are some of the pictures I took. Note that I made her wedding dress 🙂